Adopt a Grandparent  update all done.png

We cannot thank you enough for joining on this International movement to #adoptagrandparent

It all clicked while in my Rotary ZOOM meeting, where Cassie Able, director at Oak Village walked us through the last 12 months at her facility and the experience that the nurses AND the residents have had since February 2020.  Her talk was incredibly emotional and it took everything inside to hold back tears as she explained what the residents were feeling.  It was heartbreaking to hear how lonely they were and how much they needed to feel loved and longed to be with their loved ones.

After my Rotary meeting, I reached out to several directors at our local nursing and long term care facilities, and it was evident that the residents need some love and joy at all of these facilities.  They have been isolated and without their loved ones for more than 10 months, some as long as 12 months. 

We felt, as a community we needed to show them how much they mean to us and how VERY special they are. On January 5th, Valley launched a localized campaign that quickly grew and inspired national and international reach with balloon professionals around the world using their crafts and abilities to also #bringjoy to the oldest residents in their communities by launching this same campaign and encouraging their areas to #adoptagradparent.

The idea to anonymously send someone a special delivery, has touched so many of our hearts, and literally has inspired our community to do good and make someone feel good at the same time.  

As of this morning, we are proud to announce that thanks to YOUR efforts, every resident in Knox County has been ADOPTED! YOU DID IT!!! Every resident in a nursing facility in Knox County, Indiana will be receiving a special Balloon Buddy in the next coming weeks, as we work feverishly to create them and deliver these on your behalf.  We will be continuing to share photos of these deliveries, so please continue to check back and look at the amazing joy you've brought to their faces.


The following homes have been 100% adopted, and will be receiving their special Balloon Buddies in the order that they were adopted:

1. Oak Village - DONE and delivered

2. GentleCare - DONE and delivered

3. Bridgepoint Health Campus - DONE and delivered

4. Colonial Assisted Living - DONE and delivered

5. Fox Ridge Manor - DONE and delivered

6. Willow Manor - DONE and delivered

7. Freelandville Community Home - DONE and delivered 

8. Lodge of the Wabash - DONE and delivered

The community heard the call for help, and certainly answered.  Thank you again, to each and every one of you who felt inspired to #adoptagrandparent and let our oldest residents know how truly loved they are! You are all ROCKSTARS! I am blown away at your ability to create a GREAT and much needed effect.  On behalf of all of us at Valley Party Supply, THANK YOU! What you have done here, in our little have helped inspire the world to take action and create the same wonderful effects in other cities, states, and countries! You are all AMAZING!