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How Are YOU Ringing in the New Year? There will be no Watermelon dropping for us...

2020 sure made it difficult to gather safely and celebrate. In our City of Vincennes, Indiana, it is traditional that we drop watermelons from a GIANT watermelon as seen below. Each year, the city gathers to ring in the New Year by dropping the number of watermelons that coincide with the year...so for 2021, we would have dropped 21 watermelons on the splat zone.

Covid-19 Has cancelled so many of our usual celebrations. No bands, no parties, no ringing in the New Year together as is traditional. People are wanting more than ever to forget 2020 and celebrate the beginning of a hopeful 2021.

We came up with a solution

We have the FUNNEST and most awesome way to ring in the New year with a BANG! Literally a BANG! Check out our fun Pop Drops that are perfect for intimate in-home parties. This Mini-Balloon-Drop is fun for both kids and adults. Consider purchasing one from your favorite Balloon Professional in time for New Years Eve.

Here’s how to order:

  1. Head on over to the "Order Balloons" tab

  2. Fill out the form. Select "Pop Drop"

  3. We will call for payment

  4. Pick up your Pop Drop or have it delivered safely

  5. POP it at the stroke of Midnight and RING in the New Year with a BANG!

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