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National #adoptagrandparent Campaign - What is it?

By now, you've probably seen the buzz created about these FUN Balloon Buddies making their rounds to area nursing homes and long term care facilities, using the hashtag #Adoptagrandparent.

On January 5th, during routine Rotary ZOOM meeting, one of the presenters was Cassie Abel, the director at one of our local nursing homes and she walked us through their COVID experience since February of 2020 and hearing the story was absolutely heartbreaking. What really stuck out was the experience of their residents being cut off from the world, isolated for their own safety, but seeing how emotionally sad and lonely it caused them to be.

It was at this moment that we called another local balloon professional and chatted about doing something about this void. Doing something special for them, and the campaign for adopting a grandparent was borne. Balloon artist from around the world quickly took hold of this idea in their communities to get involved and use our medium to literally #liftthemup

The idea is that random people in the community come together to "Adopt" a person in a nursing home and we send them a Balloon Buddy along with a poem to brighten their day.

But in order to do this, we would need every single resident to be adopted. Thus the push to #spreadjoy #spreadlove and #adoptagrandparent. The call was heard! People from all over are calling and adopting several at a time. We are excited to announce that one ENTIRE facility has already been adopted and their balloons will be heading out to them next week.

We plan to acknowledge every person who stepped up to the plate and adopted someone. We will be posting a thank you with photos of the emotional results as each nursing facility receives their Balloon Buddies.

We are still looking for individual and corporate sponsors for several nursing homes. Please visit our page here to adopt one or more and help us get the message to Knox County's oldest residents that they are loved and cherished.

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